Oats Nutrition Facts, Benefits And How To Prepare Oats

Oats nutrition facts

  • Rich in vitamin B5 and if consumed raw contains considerable quantities of vitamins B1 and B9;
  •  Rich in minerals as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron and copper.

Unless most other cereals, oat grains remain with high percentage of the minerals and vitamins even after the bran has been peeled off.



water % kcal protein/ gr fats/ gr total carbs/ gr cholesterol/ mg sugars/ gr fibres/ gr
Oat flakes 8.22 389 16.89 6.9 66.27 0 10.6

How to choose and store oat flakes?

Oat flakes are sold as ready to consume product. It is enough to check the label to get all the information you need – specific composition, expiry date and company guarantee. Store in a cool and dry place. Boiled or soaked the flakes can be stored for up to 12 hours in a refrigerator.

Some ideas how to prepare oats

The most popular way to prepare oat flakes is to soak or boil them.

1. Poured with boiling water oats can be used as:

  •  muesli with dried fruit and nuts
  •  porridge with vegetables and cheese

2. Baked oats can be used as:

  • dough ingredient for dietary cakes
  • dough ingredient for bread products

We recommend trying cake with curds, carrots, oat flakes and maize

Little secrets of healthier cuisine

Wash the oat flakes before soaking to separate any bran or rubbish that accidentally came in them.

● Diet specialists remind that soaked oats preserve the larger part of their vitamins;

● Culinary specialists recommend adding 1-2 spoons of pressed oat flakes in the omelette with vegetables to increase its volume.

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